Immigration is one of the priority issues for all levels of US government. Immigration concerns include border security, asylum, migrants without documentation, detention, work permits, resources, voting, housing, education, and medical care.

The AUUC immigration team works closely with Accotink advocates and committees. Advocacy is our primary concern but direct assistance to local immigrants is important too.

Advocacy on Immigration Issues

Immigration team members represent AUUC on the following organizations:

Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice — Immigration Action Team

Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice (UUSJ) has advocated for immigration and refugee justice for nearly a decade. The UUSJ Immigration Action Team (IAT) develops a list of priority issues every two years as each new Congress begins its work. The IAT then meets monthly to assess national developments, track the positions of partner organizations, especially those led by immigrants, and develop detailed plans for education, engagement, and advocacy actions.

Virginia Coalition for Immigrant Rights (VACIR)

The Virginia Coalition for Immigrant Rights is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic coalition of organizations that exists to win dignity, power and quality of life for all. VACIR’s work is conducted by federal, state and local committees which meet bi-weekly.

Direct Support for Immigrants

The Immigration Team also regularly conducts collections for immigrants and refugees in collaboration with Food Justice DMV and Lutheran Imigrnat and Refugee Service.

Food Justice DMV

In 3 years plus Food Justice DMV delivered food justice to over 720,994 people and raised more than $1,327,529. The need only escalates.
Food Justice DMV is a volunteer collective delivering food & standing in solidarity with thousands of immigrant neighbors.

Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee Service

Restoring a sense of home for people and families who’ve had to leave theirs. Their programs engage in the long-term work of creating safer, more rewarding realities for all New Americans.
Many immigrants and refugees arrive in the United States with nothing more than the bags they could carry, and resettling is about far more than just finding a place to live. LIRS is committed to walking alongside newcomers as they become valued and empowered members of our community. They do this by helping them find a place to live, connect with services and resources, learn a new language, enroll in school, and meet a new community.
From there, they work with individuals and families to build a strong economic foundation, from financial literacy to employment and job search assistance. They also connect with local employers to build positive hiring and workplace relationships.