Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church (AUUC) facilities are available for rent to individuals and community groups when our facilities are otherwise not already committed.

Facility/Room Descriptions and General Requirements

Sanctuary/Gallery: The maximum occupancy for the sanctuary is 200 people. 165 movable chairs (not folding) are available for use within the sanctuary. An additional 40 chairs can be placed in the overflow area (gallery). The sanctuary can accommodate up to 15 eight-foot long tables, each seating eight people. The sanctuary is equipped with a sound system that can accommodate up to 4 microphones and a podium microphone.  The system has Bluetooth capabilities, and a CD player is available.

Kitchen: The kitchen contains a stove, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, and coffee maker. There is a supply of dishes, eating and serving utensils. It is not an industrial-size kitchen. After use, all dishware, utensils, pots, etc. must be washed, dried, and returned to their original storage places.

Restrooms:  One all-gender, accessible restroom is located on the main level. Separate men’s and women’s restrooms are located on the lower level.

Lower level rooms: Seven classrooms are available for use in the lower level, as follows:

Room Approximate Dimensions Maximum Capacities
107 24' x 14' 28
112 12' x 14' 10
114 24’ x 16’ 30
116 16' x 12' 10
121 22’ x 26’ 45
124 20' x 15' 28
126 12' x 12' 10

Parking: The parking lot contains 50 parking spaces. Additional on-street parking is available. Several handicapped parking spaces are clearly identified.

Please also see the photos posted on this page.

Rental Reservation Process

For rental procedures, including rates, rules, and other information, see Rental Policy and Procedures. Please note that no events for a given church program year (September through August) will be scheduled prior to the annual calendar setting (May 1st of each year) so that consideration can be given to priority church-wide events.

A full calendar of activities, by room, is maintained on AUUC's event calendar. Please first consult the calendar to determine if desired space may be available for the date(s) and times(s) needed.

AUUC members and friends wishing to rent space should first read the Rental Procedures and then submit a calendaring request through the website.

Individuals and organizations not affiliated with AUUC should submit requests for a one-time rental on a specific date to the Congregational Administrator (CA) at administrator@accotinkuu.orgor 703-503-4579. The CA can provide information on availability, fees, and other requirements, and can also schedule a tour of the building and/or grounds.