Speaker: Rev. William Levwood

May Nothing Evil Cross This Door

We have come a long way in promoting equality within marriage.  Even so, many people, most often women, live in fear in their own homes because of violence and the threat of violence from their spouse or intimate partner.  And yet this subject remains taboo.  … read more.

there’s always a next move

The proposed new Value of Transformation says that We adapt to a changing world. All of us adapt to the world from moment to moment each day. We also adapt over time from day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to … read more.

Growing in Spirit

In our mission statement we commit to growing together in spirit. But what do we mean when we say spirit. Join us this Sunday as we explore together what it means to grow in spirit.

Question to Ponder: “How would you describe spirit?”

Join us for service … read more.

“Building a Way Together”

Our vision for the future is one we create together. Responding to the ever-changing currents of our dynamic world calls for creativity, adaptability, and collaboration. Join us for this multigenerational service where we’ll practice collaborative visioning together!

Join us for service on Sunday at 10:00 am … read more.

“Dismantling the Master’s House”

Drawing on the work of Isabel Wilkerson’s landmark book, Caste: The Origins of our Discontents, and Audre Lorde’s seminal essay, The Master’s Tools Cannot Dismantle the Master’s House, we’ll explore the foundation of oppressive ideologies and how we’re called to dismantle them. Join us for … read more.

Community Is What Makes Love Possible

Join us for service on Sunday at 10:00 am in-person or online via Zoom.

Compassion can grow from our wounded places. Love and community can transform a wound into a sanctuary. Join us this Sunday as we explore how yielding into our vulnerability is a foundation … read more.

Liberating Love Gets Close

Join us for service on Sunday at 10:00 am in-person or online via Zoom.

Rev. William Levwood

The Purposes section of the proposed revisions to Article 2 states that as UUs we are committed to “transforming the world through liberating love.” Sometimes we jump ahead in this … read more.

The Labor and Love of Christmas

For us as Unitarian Universalists, “each night a child is born is a holy night.” So how is this night of Christmas Eve different from all other nights? Join us as we celebrate the birth of love into the world and explore together how we’re … read more.