“You Are Loved …”

For this church year’s Water Communion, we learned from Douglas Wood’s story Old Turtle. This Sunday, for this year’s Flower Communion, we’ll learn from its sequel, Old Turtle and the Broken Truth. This year we’ve studied the proposed new UU Values – Generosity, Justice, Equity, Interdependence, Transformation, and Pluralism. We conclude this exploration this month with our study of Pluralism, which is perhaps the most distinct feature of Unitarian Universalism. The truth cannot be found written on a stone, or a pair of stone tablets, or a single book. The truth is diverse and its sources are diverse – hidden and revealed in all aspects of life. Join us as together we celebrate the wisdom of celebrating the diversity and embracing love in all its forms.

Question to Ponder: “What does it feel like to be loved?”

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May Theme: Pluralism