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“The Tyranny of Choice”

For this service, we will be exercising our democratic values by voting on service elements that will create a “Choose Your Own Adventure” experience.  Voting is our burden and privilege as citizens and Unitarian Universalists.

Question to Ponder: “Do you ever feel that you’ve been paralyzed … read more.

“JETPIG’s Guide to Interstellar Travel”

“When pigs fly,” the old saying describes the impossible. And yet JETPIG, the unofficial mascot of our new UU shared values is, in fact, a flying pig, powered by Love and soaring high. In this service led by guest speaker Leika Lewis, come explore what … read more.

“Weaving Our Lives”

UUA General Assembly Sunday Worship 
Rev. Molly Housh Gordon

We are all tangled up together in a great web of life that is woven with beauty and hardship, love and loss, thriving and struggle. How do we tend well to the weaving so that … read more.

“Gifts Given Freely”

A Multigenerational Berry Communion

In celebration of summer we’re having a Berry Communion! Here in Virginia, beginning in May, strawberries are the first fruits of the berry season, followed by cherries (ok, ok, I know cherries aren’t actually berries, but …) in June, then raspberries in … read more.

“Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh”

This service will explore the question: Does God Have a Gender? (theme purchased in the 2022 Auction by Judy Robison & Suzy Porth). And the service will also explore how to approach difficult conversations– you know the ones, when you strongly disagree with someone and … read more.

“Hygge in Summer”

The Danish idea of hygge is, in some ways, a cold weather thing. There is nothing more hygge than cozying up by the fireplace with some hot cocoa while a snowstorm rages outside. But what does hygge look like in summer? Maybe hygge in summer is lemonade on the porch swing as fireflies … read more.

“You Are Loved …”

For this church year’s Water Communion, we learned from Douglas Wood’s story Old Turtle. This Sunday, for this year’s Flower Communion, we’ll learn from its sequel, Old Turtle and the Broken Truth. This year we’ve studied the proposed new UU Values – Generosity, Justice, Equity, … read more.

“Bearing Witness to Sacred Beings”

The proposed UU Value of Pluralism begins: We celebrate that we are all sacred beings, diverse in culture, experience, and theology. The beginning of that phrase is striking to me. We are all sacred beings. What does it mean to relate to each other as sacred … read more.

“Passover and Its Nexus for Us”

The story of Passover is a significant celebration for the Jewish people. It’s about their redemption from enslavement by the Egyptian Pharaoh that has shaped their values of religious freedom, caring for strangers and standing up to oppressive tyrants. This annual Jewish tradition may not … read more.