“Starting Point” Small Group Series

Newcomers and established members are invited to participate in a 4-session online small group activity introducing our church and Unitarian Universalism. The series, called “Starting Point,” introduces the philosophy and history of Unitarian Universalism what it means for individual spiritual journeys. The sessions use the practice of “deep listening” where the members of the group share and learn from each other in a safe and supportive environment.

Sessions are scheduled periodically throughout the year. Each session typically involves meeting virtually from 7:30pm to 9:00pm one evening a week, every other week for 4 weeks.

If you would like to learn more or to join the next session, please email John L. at membership@accotinkuu.org.


Soul Matters Small Groups

Soul Matters groups are designed to support our spiritual journeys of reconnection to life, others, and our deepest selves. They help us experience the monthly worship themes through a choice of selected readings and questions, not just talk about them. Its structure helps us avoid the safety of abstract analysis and instead invites us to courageously dive into the nitty-gritty of our daily lives through deep listening. 

Soul Matters Small Groups offer the gift of spiritual connection by providing a space to listen to each other, listen to our lives, and listen to our deepest selves.

We meet monthly, after receiving a packet of Soul Matters material to read and think about several weeks prior to our meeting. They are centered around a theme like “generosity” for example.  The packets are filled with exercises, questions, quotes, poetry, books, films, and even songs that connect the reader with the monthly theme.

As participants we decide which material spoke to us and which question we can best relate to.  Then when we meet, we take turns sharing our experiences with this introspective work.

The most important aspect of the group process is that we are asked to listen deeply to one another.  We are asked not to give advice or opinions on each other’s participation.  The rules are: “No fixing, no saving, no advising, no setting each other strait.”

A sacred space of sharing is created in these groups where we are each allowed to explore deeply, and have others simply listen. After each participant has had a turn sharing their thoughts on the material, the facilitators invite the participants to “hold up and hold out” how another person’s sharing may have taken you back in time or reconnected you to a forgotten piece of wisdom.

In this way we each get to experience a more personal connection to the themes and a stronger connection to one another.

Meetings are held via Zoom one evening a month, typically 7:00-8:30pm

For more information, please contact info@accotinkuu.org.