Postcard Writing Opportunity

Support Voting Rights

For our next postcard campaign, we’ll be writing cards for Polk County, FL. This is a WRITE, HOLD, and MAIL LATER campaign. Mail date is Oct. 1 to 15. We will distribute postcards to you in late July.

Background Info: We are writing to alert 969,000 registered Black women voters in Florida to the urgency of voting early this fall. Floridians will have 36 candidate elections along with 6 constitutional amendments on their ballot requiring 60% of the vote: reproductive freedom, education, campaign finance, property taxes, hunting, and marijuana. Florida has abolished permanent vote by mail, established strict photo ID requirements, and undermined the voting rights of returning citizens who have served their jail terms. To help voters sort through a long and confusing ballot in advance, ActiVote, is included on the sticker.  Activote is a helpful platform that personalizes ballot and polling information, verifies registration, voter ID, and more

We provide the postcards, script, and addresses.  You do the writing and provide the stamps.  If you need assistance with the stamps, please let us know.  Postcards will be mailed from Oct. 1 to 15

In the past three years, AUUC volunteers have written almost 8,000 postcards providing voter information. Please let us know how many postcards you can write (in multiples of 30). Thank you, Suzy, Dotty, Mary.


Posted July 5, 2024