March Outreach Collection: TGEA

The Transgender Education Association (TGEA) is one of several organizations that provide assistance in area of transgender issues. As a non-profit corporation, TGEA seeks to serve the needs and interests of all the people in the gender community, those affected by our community and those who serve our community. To this end, TGEA’s mission has three objectives.

  1. Provide means for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals to understand and accept their life through methods and options which may include but are not limited to providing a supportive environment and day-to-day assistance, providing peer counseling and or referral to professional, institutional, and other appropriate resources, helping individuals to overcome their sense of isolation, and providing appropriate educational and social opportunities,
  2. Provide a comprehensive support system for those persons dealing with the problems associated with being transgender, including friends, family, relationship partners, significant others, and allies, and
  3. Provide educational resources and information to anyone involved in or desiring information about transgender issues, Gender Non-binary (GNB), and Gender Non-conforming (GNC) people. This may include seminars, workshops, orientation and training sessions, and publication and distribution of informational material. TGEA actively promotes and encourages participation in an extensive public education program for individuals, groups, medical and mental health professionals, and colleges to eliminate prejudice and discrimination within the general public sector.

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Outreach Donations to TGEA may be made through the AUUC website anytime during February. Click Donate, then check “Monthly Outreach Offerings.” Donations of cash and checks may be placed in the collection basket during the Sunday service. You may also mail your check to AUUC, making checks payable to AUUC with a note ‘outreach’ in memo line. Thank you!

Outreach collections are sponsored by AUUC’s Social Justice Committee.