The Future of Cross-Stitched Nametags

AUUC has a long history of stitching personalized nametags for members. For a couple years, the stitching became increasingly involved, resulting in much detail. More recently the stitchers decided that nametags will now be simple. New folks can select their color(s). Nametags offered for the Auction will continue to have the option of involved stitching.

Should/can AUUC continue to cross-stitch nametags?  s this practice outdated or not worth the effort? We are down to only three people stitching who are getting a little long in the tooth.  If others are interested in joining our merry band, would be wonderful. This would involve stitching maybe 3 or 4  nametags a year.  Please do let one of us know if you have strong feelings about nametags and if you would like to join our merry gang.

There are some youth who are very involved at church but not of age (15) to join. We have youth as worship associates, operating the recording and audio systems during service. The stitchers have decided to offer to teach youth to make their own nametags. If your child is interested, do let one of us know.

Lisa H., Dotty S., Judy S.


Posted June 7, 2024