Valentine Exchange, Jan. 28-Feb. 18

Give freely, take freely!

You’ll find a Valentine Exchange station in the gallery through the Sunday after Valentine’s Day. Bring or make a valentine for a member in our church community. Your valentine could be chosen by anyone. Put your heart and kindness into it then place it in the Gift Box. Don’t forget to look through the box regularly and select one or more for yourself that speaks to you. Valentines are for everyone!

Anyone can participate—kids, adults, first-time visitors, long-time members, and all in-between. Unable to participate in person? You’re still an important part of our beloved community! Just email Kate M. To give, you can send a valentine as an attachment to an email, and Kate M. will print it out and place it in the Gift Box for you. You could take a photo of it or design it online in a program like Canva. To receive, let Kate know if you’d like a valentine or five selected at random and emailed or snail mailed to you. Reach out to Kate with any questions or requests.