Write Postcards to Support Voting

In voter suppression states—like Georgia—legislators have been passing laws making it harder for people to vote, especially voters of color. These barriers—plus redistricting after the 2020 census—threaten issues such as women’s health, education, voting rights, and economic equality.

On May 21, the voters of Fulton County, Georgia, will cast their ballots in the Georgia Primary. History tells us that voting in a primary election helps to ensure that people vote in the November general election.

From April 22 to May 9, AUUC volunteers will be sending postcards to voters of the 6th & 13th Congressional Districts in Fulton County, Georgia.
We are again partnering with Reeb Voting Rights Project, All Souls Church Unitarian and Reclaim Our Vote/Center for Common Ground. Their goal is to contact EACH OF THE 400 THOUSAND VOTERS OF COLOR in Fulton County, and ensure that everyone gets the information they need to overcome barriers and cast their ballots.

We provide the postcards, script, and addresses. You do the writing and provide the stamps. If you need assistance with the stamps, please let us know. Postcards will be mailed from April 22 to May 9.

In the past three years, AUUC volunteers have written almost 7,000 postcards providing voter information. Please let Suzy P, Dotty S, and/or Mary K know how many postcards you can write. Thank you!



Posted March 1, 2024