June Outreach Collection: A Farm Less Ordinary

Our outreach organization for June is A Farm Less Ordinary. Established in 2016, it employs more than 25 individuals with disabilities in a supportive environment where all are encouraged to work together, to learn, and build their skills. The young growers practice their social and math skills with the public at a farmer’s market.

A Farm Less Ordinary produces vegetables grown using organic and sustainable methods with a focus on attracting pollinators and “good pests.” The farm partners with a local food bank, delivering bulk fresh produce to people experiencing food insecurity and to a Leesburg food pantry. Two AUUC young adults work at the farm as paid employees in a friendly environment that is tremendous for their confidence and self-esteem.

Donations may be made online through the AUUC website anytime during the month; Click Donate, then check “Monthly Outreach Offerings”. Donations of cash and checks may be placed in the collection basket during the Sunday service. Or you may mail a check to AUUC; make checks payable to AUUC with a note ‘outreach’ in the memo line.

 Outreach collections are sponsored by the Social Justice Committee
Posted June 7, 2024