Liberating Love Gets Close

Join us for service on Sunday at 10:00 am in-person or online via Zoom.

Rev. William Levwood

The Purposes section of the proposed revisions to Article 2 states that as UUs we are committed to “transforming the world through liberating love.” Sometimes we jump ahead in this transformational process by moving towards solutions before connecting with the people in our community who are most impacted by a social issue or injustice. What if we start, as civil rights lawyer and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, Bryan Stephenson, recommends, by getting proximate with those who are suffering. Join us this Sunday as we explore how liberating love calls us to nurture relationships as we work to transform our world.

Question to Ponder: “Are there ways you push suffering away? What does it look like to get close to suffering?”

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January Theme: Liberating Love